How to install Asterisk app mysql

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app_mysql is no longer the recommended way of connecting Asterisk to a MySQL database server. The recommended way is via ODBC (see this link for instructions on installing and configuring ODBC). Nevertheless many people prefer the simplicity of setting it up, though it does have limitations (such as no SSL support).

Installing asterisk from source

By default app_mysql will not be installed when compiling Asterisk from source code from version 1.8 and later. To include app_mysql in the compilation do the following after having run configure and before running make.

make menuselect

Go to the Add-ons menu and there choose app_mysql, save and Exit. Following this you may proceed with the normal compilation steps (make, make install).

Using the FreePBX distribution or the Asterisk Now distribution

When using the FreePBX distribution there is nothing to do since app_mysql is already installed. You can check it at the asterisk CLI (asterisk -r) with the following command:

core show applications

The output should contain something like this:

MYSQL: Do several mySQLy things