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What is it?

Allows a caller to receive a callback on the number. The incoming call is hang up without answering and a callback is originated to the same number. This can be useful for example to allow you to make calls from your mobile even though your credit has run out, or for employees to call the office without incurring charges.

This script was originally written to replace the FreePBX released script.

At that time people were having problems getting the original script to make the callbacks. Since then fixes have been made and it also became clear that a new permission was required in /etc/asterisk/manager.conf file. The "Originate" permission is needed in order to provide the script with the capability to place outgoing calls.

What could I use it for?

You should not normally need to use this script, now that the various issues with the FreePBX script have been addressed. However this script still contains some features which are not available in the FreePBX script, though these are not configurable by the FreePBX GUI.

The main additional features are:

  • specify a prefix before the number to be called back. This enables you to choose a specific outgoing trunk to complete the call.
  • restrict the numbers which the script will call back to. This is a security feature to stop indiscriminate callbacks.

If someone has the time to bring those features back into the FreePBX released script and even better, make them configurable via the GUI they are more than welcome to do that.

How do I get it?

The code for the project is available from this site.


Callback Change Log

Previous versions are archived for historical reference but are no longer maintained and should not be used: Callback previous versions

GPG signatures for the latest version is available here Callback gpg signatures

Where can I get more information?